Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday October 4, 2006

I'm trying to find more ways to be better mom and teacher to Sierra.I want to find arts and crafts and lessons and games she will really learn from and enjoy-like the other day when I taught her extensive manners.

I'm finding this pregnancy is not only causing a whole host of health issues with me(vomiting,migraines that last days,diarrhea and extreme pain like I've never felt among a ton of others) but I'm SO DRAINED.I could seriously stay in bed all day and be completely happy, but I can't and I don't.I've lost my homeschooling Zing...I hope it's just health related and not a sign that I'm a lousy Teacher.I will not put my babies in a school- not even the Amish are safe.
That's just ridiculous(not funny ridiculous, but mind-blowing) that some fool decides that because something happened to him or because of him or whatever...20 years ago, he's going to go to the most peaceful place on earth and destroy the children of the most peaceful people on earth.What kind of sicko freak murders little Amish girls execution style?!
i know the devil is having a field day here on Earth the best he can, but COME ON!It's like every day we get more glimpses into what the End is really gonna look like-microchips,murders,a world dictator that will slaughter innocent people in cold blood for not being brainwashed believers of His.
"Lord help me to remain steadfast in You-a believer to my soul and convicted of the Truth to my Core.Let me not fade away to my own Fears and cast you aside like you were never Real to me.i have seen You through your works and felt you through your children.You've kept me and cared for me and through my own children you have shown me glimpses of what a relationship with You was meant to be.Keep me strong God.Let me not fade away.From you.i want to always be in Love with You.Wholly and Holy and Passionately and Madly and Forever in Love with You- Jesus,my GOD."

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