Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday December 23, 2005

Hey Everyone!
I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've written.So much has happened and I've been so busy!
On October 24,2005 at 8:22 am Brianna Aaliyah Votto was welcomed into this chaotic world via C-section.The surgery went better than I could have dreamed- I wasn't scared and i can remember everything vividly.I even sang along to the radio and joked around with the doctors!She weighd 8 pounds and 2 tenths of and ounce heavier than Sierra was and was a quarter inch longer at 20 1/4 in.She had some trouble learning to nurse for awhile but believe me, has more than made up for lost time!
Sierra loves her like crazy.She always refers to her as "My baby" or "My Brianna" and always wants to hold her!Not easy when she is almost half Sierra's weight!
i recently came back from from visting my mom in WV over the weekend.She didn't believe I was coming till I was there!It was a wonderful visit and I had so much fun climbing their mountain with my brother and husband.i also learned how oput of shape I am!
Well, I'll try to write more often but no promises.I get very little time to steal away to the library to write- i have towait till a time when john can watch the girls cause it's impossible to type with Brianna crying to be nursed and Sierra running up and down the aisles!And anyway, I don't want to take to long- I might miss Brianna's new found talent of smiling!I love her chubby little cheeks!

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