Friday, August 12, 2011

Tuesday October 3, 2006

Well, I still don't feel comfortable with what happened here in my last entry, but after alot of prayer and extensive questioning of Sierra she has finally told me that her behavior is stemming from missing her Grammie.
She has always been close to my mom and I knew her moving away would be hard...but she seemed to take it really well and everytime we visit or they visit and it's time to go, there are very little(if any) tears and she gets very excited to talk to her on the phone again.But lately it almost seems as if Sierra doesn't want to talk to mom, and when she does she's snippy or sighs alot like she's bored and it's never more than a 3 minutes talk.
Last night she told me:"Mommy?I really miss Grammie and all her puppies and kitties."i told her I miss her too, but we will see her again very soon.She gave me a weak smile then looked up at me and broke my heart when she said,"Mommy?Is it ok to cry?"
"Yes,baby.It is ok to cry."

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sad on the sidewalks.
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