Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday April 7, 2006

Sorry my link didn't work yesterday.It was supposed to take you to and to "poke the Penguin".Check it out!It was definitely me.
Today was a little better.i got 5 hours of sleep last night and John woke me at 9:30 to ask if I was going to Bible Study.My flesh screamed, "are you flippin nuts?!Maybe if I had gotten 7 hours like u!When are u gonna go to a Bible Study?!!!"But this time my Spirit prevailed and so i hauled my sorry carcass around the house in a Zombie-like Haze and got Sierra ready too(she wanted to go).i got there an hour late but still came home in a good mood, like i knew i would.
Even though she didn't listen to me most of the day and brianna screamed i remained in control mentally and was ok.we went down to the beach and let sierra run around.we watched tv,played blues clues goes to school on the computer ,made dinner together and had a really beautiful quiet time where i was sitting on the couch watching Phil of the Future and realized brianna was playing happily on the floor with her feet and Sierra was was so serene!
Well,it's12:26am and Brianna is sure to be screaming i'm off to shower then sleep for a few minutes!
Nighty nite!!

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