Friday, August 12, 2011

Monday October 9, 2006

These pics are from Placental Pathology and Multidimensionals of human Embryos.They are pics of a baby at 8 weeks and twin boys at 9 weeks.I am 9 weeks pregnant.
My first Ob appointment with my new DOctor(Dr. Noll) was today.john and the girls came with me and they were pretty good.Sierra owns the nurses now!They loved her and catered to her need for a BandAid(which she really didn't need) and when she wasn't happy that it was aplain one they added ministickers to it!unfortuneatly I was weighed(ugh) and I'm tubby to say the very least.But that's ok cause i ALWAYS lose weight with pregnancy...hopefully that will continue.
Dr.Noll is very nice and kinda quiet but very professional.i was a nervous wreck about seeing a male doctor-I dunno is having John there made it better or more nerve  wracking.We left with Sierra in ters though, because she wanted her turn on the way little girl...not for another 15 years!
I got my scripts for prenatal vitamins and (ugh part 2) another blood test and (YAY!!)and ultrasound which I scheduled for tomorrow at 11:15am.I'm always anxious to see how many babies are coming!I am hoping this time that with as crappy as I've been feeling these past few months there's either twins or a very obnoxious little boy in there!i told John if there are twin boys baking in there, we are done....yeah right!Who am I kidding?!?!

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