Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tuesday August 10, 2004

Ok, well I don't know what happened yesterday, but i typed till my fingers went numb and then nothing loaded.Whatever.
I went crabbing yesterday- not our best day.It was hot and the greenheads were biting us all( our not so little little brothers came).Afterward I went to my MIL's for dinner since I couldn't get out of it.I was so angry because John and I had been up with the baby since 8 am-relativlt early for us.She never took a nap(unless you count the 10 minute ride in the car) and that's a long day for a baby.She sat for 4 hours during the crabbing, came home and refused to sleep even though it was well past 5 pm.We all took showers and didn't get to his mom's till 6:30(we're a half hour late trying to get Sierra to take some kind of nap.)
Well she never did so over we went, me praying the whole time about the usual situation.Well, He heard my prayers and answered them.Dinner was ok, but the best part of all was that even though John handed her over to his mom, she actually said she would NEVER feed her another thing since she almost killed her with the fish.(her words, not mine- although I agree).We'll see if she sticks to it, but I doubt she will.God is so good.The rest of the visit went fine.We went out back to see a new family of cats living under their shed-Sierra loves kitties, but these weren't as friendly as my mom's " Q fatch maummish"(Don't ask, it's a loooong story there!).Let's just say her cat is very nice and fat.
We stayed all of 1 hour or so and came home- with my prompting.John was zombied outon the sofa watching tv, so if i hadn't said anything we'd have been there all night!By the time we got home it was exactly 8pm and Sierra had been awake for 12 hours.I turned on the AC since she loves the cold and the sound, put on her singing pooh-bear and snuggled down with her...her crib is right next my side of the bed.We were both out in minutes.I woke up after feeling I'd slept for had only been 4.5 hours.The next time I awoke it was 7:44 am and I really had to get up.i was so stiff!
And here i am!To day is our 2nd wedding anniversary and I'm PSYCHED!I finally get to find out the surprise.I think I'll go wake John now!Talk to you soon!God bless!

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