Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monday August 9, 2004

Yay!I'm finally back online!Ok- quick updates.
I can't get out of eating over my inlaws because my hubby absolutely insists that Sierra goes.She's not going w/out me so all I can do is pray that I can have the courage to nicely but firmly insist that anything my daughter eats be approved by me first, whether or not my MIL is a veteran mother herself.She is my child, not hers and I deserve some kind of respect for all the stuff I went thru to have her.
Umm, hubby got a promotion last week or the week before so he gets to have his mondays with me instead of saturdays.PLUS since tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary, he took tomorrow off too!YAY!I still don't know what the surprise is , but I am pretty sure it's not making a baby.He slipped up yesterday and mentioned that it's something that can be bought.Iy's probably flowers.Wanna know the sad thing?I've been begging him to get me flowers since I found out i was having Sierra-and he only did it once, but that was only because he screwed up royally.It's like he doesn't care how badly I want flowers!But now that there' a good chance I may be getting(maybe even roses)I don't really want them as badly as I did before.Maybe if I hadn't really felt with everything in me that we may be having another baby, the flowers would be the object of my obsession still.If it is flowers, I just hope i can still look as happy as I normally would have.*be grateful,be grateful,be grateful*
Sierra's standing very well on her own big deal to anyone but a proud mother!Maybe she'll even start walking on her own soon!
If anyone can give me info on tandem nursing,I'd appreciate it.I wanna specifically know, if u are nursing a toddler and get pregnant, when the colostrum comes in, if u are already nursing will the toddler drink up all the colostrum and causse the milk to come in; or will the colostrum stay in until the newborn can get to it, then turn to milk.In the off chance I do get pregnant before Sierra's weaned, I was curious because I wanna keep nursing her, but not if she'll end up drinking up her sibling's only chance at colostrum.I know how precious colostrum is to a newborn and I want all my babies to be able to get it.
Well, since John's home today he wants to go crabbing.I wanna spend his days off with just him because i can see my family anytime and I can live w/out seeing his family.John is precious to me and I never get to be with him as much as I want to be  or as much as I used to.But, he wanted to bring his brother along, and there is no way they're gonna "bond together" and I leave my brother out of it.So we'll be leaving in an hour to go crab with our little brothers....BTW....our little brothers are not so little.They are 11(mine) and 16(his) and tall as oak trees.i don't know about his, but my brother is strong enough to do some real damage if he ever wanted to.Thank God even though he plays rough, he'd never really try to hurt anyone!
WEll, i better get ready.i still have to feed Sierra her fruit and vitamins and get her dressed.Until later,God bless you!

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