Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thursday August 5, 2004

Ok, today was such a boring day- yet very eventful...if u can believe it.My mother's husband(p.s.- he's my least favorite person on earth..well, maybe not)supposedly took her car took Deptford,NJ to pay some traffic fines.I thought my mom and brother stayed home from the sounds of her message on my machine.
Well,I called her 4 times througout the day and called all her friends and nobody had seen her.i became so afraid that he had hurt her that I packed up my daughter and drove over to see her.She wasn't home.I really believe that if this guy drank enough(he's an alkie)or got mad enough he would and could REALLY hurt them.They think otherwise.Maybe i watch too many Lifetime movies.
Anyhoo, I left a message for her in case she did go out.i came home panicky and scared for her life- did i mention this guy's got guns that she JUST found out about?
Very long story short, he ended up taking them with him and she never called to tell me- very unusual for my mom.He dropped them off at my house with no intention of picking them back up, but in the end he had to because Sierra was asleep and I can't exactly leave her to drive them home and taking her was out of the question.
So later we picked up Daddy and came home.I made dinner and put Sierra to bed.Then my MIL calls.She invites us over to dinner at their house Monday but I REALLY don't wanna go.Last week this woman fed my baby pieces of bluefish w/out even so much as asking me.She became extremely red in the face and feverish but was better in a few hours.It scared me soooo bad.She's always trying to feed her something w/out asking first and it's always stufff you'd never feed a baby.Crud, my pc's gonna shut down.I'll finish this entry in a few minutes.Bye 4 now!

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