Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thursday August 5, 2004

Well, today got off to an early start.John had an eye Dr. appt. at 9 am, so we all got up by 8.(Not fun for a mom and baby who have the luxury of sleeping until 10 most days)!We got breakfast out and headed out to take him to work.FYI- poor John had his pupils dialated so by the time he got to work he was near blind from the glare of an overcast day!I can only imagine if it had been sunny out!
Sierra cried all the way home for Daddy and just as always fell asleep just as I parkedoutside the house.Luckily she stayed asleep even after i brought her in and laid her down.In fact, she's still asleep(it's 1:07pm)!Hopefully she'll be in a good mood when she gets up for lunch and we can go take a walk.
Well I'm gonna work on my site here, then do some chores before Sierra-baby wakes up!

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