Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wednesday August 4, 2004

It's 6:16 pm and I'm totally out of entertaining ideas for Sierra.We've read books,blew bubbles,took a walk-literally(she toddled all the way down the street and halfway back),played with all her toys, sang and danced, watched TV and made dinner.I even rescued her arm from a built in hole in 1 of her toys.
Now she's babbling and screaming at me.We still have an hour before i have to go pick up Daddy.i've actually resorted to letting her spill her milk on the coffee table and explore it's texture.Hey, it's keeping her quiet, occupied and it's easy enough to clean up.If I had more a spending money I could take her sopping or to the waterpark.i wish my MaryKay business would take off.I've been "working it" for almost a year and it's just not working out.I want to do the classes and parties, it's just that there's no interest or customers who don't already have a consultant.God bless the ones who have stuck by me.i just may quit in december if nothing improves soon.I can have a Giant Closeout sale.Oh well.
If you couldn't tell, I'm just killing time by rambling.i've been trying to look up info on breastfeeding a toddler while pregnant.I think it's called tandem nursing.Sierra doesn't look like she'll be weaning anytime soon and if I were to actually get pregnant sooner then expected or even as planned,I wanna make sure it's safe to nurse Sierra while pregnant and that once the colostrum comes back it 1- won't  be hard on Sierra and 2 -Sierra won't drink it up before her brother or sister gets to.I know it's very important for newborns to drink the colostrum.i dunno why I'm obsessing over this.Maybe I'm just holding on to the hope that there will be another baby cry heard around the house someday soon.

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