Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday August 15, 2004

Well, today is Sunday and I missed church.Sierra refused to sleep last night.In fact, she woke up just as I was coming in to bed.She kept throwing tantrums whenever I put her in the crib- she continually hit me with Pooh again...I dunno.She insisted on sleeping on me, but it was too hard to breathe the way she was positioned.
I just laid her on her back and let her cry it out, all the while rubbing her hair and tummy and whispering that it was alright and that she was safe and I wasn't going anywhere.She eventually fell asleep at 3:11am...then awoke at 7:44am.The alarm went off at 8:30, but John and i were already up.Sierra, had however fallen back asleep.
My clothes refused to dry, and so I had nothing church appropriate to wear, so we spent the day together.We ate breakfast out and rented some movies from Blockbuster®.We attempted to attend a birthday party for John's cousin's baby daughter, but they were 40 minutes late to their own party.WE left shortly after singing Happy Birthday because the kids were animals and one kept trying to pick Sierra up by her face.I (rather gruffly) told them to back off of her...she's getting pics done tomorrow and I don't want her hurt or scarred up.
Right now Sierra's sleeping quietly going on her 3rd hour stretch...she'll probably wake up before I know it!John's playing on his PS2 and I'm typing this.I think I'll go watch another movie before Sierra gets up!
if you really want some good reading with a quiet tone and peaceful and uplifting spirit to it, check out my friend Crystal's blog.She's like a sister to me- I don't know how I'd get through some days without her!Love you,Crystal!

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