Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wednesday August 18, 2004

My little girl may have chixpox!It started out Sunday with several red bumps that developed Monday 
into many little whitehead reddish bumps that today are 15-20 rock hard little bumps with some being
blister like.The doc told me to keep calamine on her and not to go anywhere.How am I to do that?John works all week and
there errands to run,bills to be paid and food to be bought-I need to do those things!
I'm not saying I'd take Sierra, just that I need to go do what I need to.
I dunno.:(
My poor baby.It's weird.All my life I couldn't rememember
if I had ever really had chixpox enough to be immune,
and I avoided little kids like lepers.When I got 
married I told johnit'd be his job to care for the babie
should they ever get it.Now,in the wake of Sierra more than
likely having them, I'm not as scared or hypochondriac-like
as I thought I'd be,I just want her to be comfy and better.
WEll, I'll write more soon- but a stinky diaper beckons 
my expertise in changing it!

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