Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday August 28, 2004

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written.Stupid PC.
Anyway, he says he's leaving the state and may or may not take my mom and brother.I don't know.I feel like no matter what I'm losing my family.i don't have anyway to take them in a) because there's 3 of us living in a 2 bedroom house now and b) because I'll be losing this house next year  and I have to find a home my self.
I keep praying that God will provide a true blue miracle so my mom can stay-did I mention they're being evicted from their home 9/1/04?I wish God would plunk down a free home that would suit mom's needs and a great job that wouldn't hurt her back(her spine is really screwed up).She's been a nurse all her life, just not a working nurse all her life.
GOd, PLEASE.Please provide something for her.How am I supposed to convey to my 14 month old that her "Grammie" whom she loves dearly won't be coming over so much any more?How do you tell a baby it's nothing she did- that grammie does still love her?What am I gonna do when after a couple weeks she starts crying uncontrollably for "Mimi and Yonny" and there's nothing i can do?
On top of all this I need desperately need to get my marykay business doing something.I want to help out financially, and marykay allows me to earn an income without leaving Sierra for long hours a day.Problem being, everyone I contact either already has a consultant,is related to one or is already my customer and has no need for products right now.i don't know what to do.There are other consultants i know of who seem to keep making money when they don't have such a dire need for the income like myself or friends of mine.I don't know how they do it.I strted this business to save up money for Sierra's future and now it's half that half to help out around here.I've even contacted relatives out ofstate letting them know I can send catalogs or they can check out my website and I'll ship the products to them, but to no avail.I've tried free gifts, free products and coupons.Nothing.i don't know what else to do.Anybody who reads this, please pray for me and my family.

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