Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday June 20, 2005

June 3rd  was my 24 th birthday.The day itself was depressing but my wonderful husband more than made up for it.It started actually one May 31 when I met up with Crystal at our OBGYN appt.She surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of white daisies and carnations.She knows how much flowers mean to me and how i never get them from John-no matter how much I ask.Thank you, so much Crystal!
June 2 i actually got a nap in while Sierra was asleep for her nap and suddenly I was awakened to a man pressing down on me and kissing me.I was so scared and stunned I almost had a heart attack. (I really need to quit watching Lifetime movies)It turned out it was john.He was home 4.5 hours early and then he surprised me with not 1 but 2 dozen roses-white and red!I couldn't stop crying from joy and recovering from the heart palpitations.i kept telling him how lucky he was that I was stunned cause if I had just reacted like I normally would have, he'd have had a broken jaw!
He had to work on my birthday and it was just a sad day.It rained all day, I had a severe migraine,Sierra was off the wall and out of control and when I went in to pick up my check my boss told me to come in-he never does.He always tells me to call to see if they need that night.i usually work from 9pm-midnight, and I was in no mood to work that night but I agreed to because I'm trying to save for Sierra's b/day.
No one really cared that it was my birthday except for 1 girl who want ed me to come with her after work to celebrate by watching some movies and smoking some pot with her and her boyfriend.Of course I passed on that but invited her to church with me.she passed on that.
Monday John took me out for a little shopping spree to the mall and I got 2 pretty skirts,a top and a pair of shorts- no biggie to most women but a huge deal to me.Afterwards we went to dinner at Ihop!YUMMY! it was a great birthday.
Today I had my 2nd ultrasound.Now that the baby looks human, Sierra was less afraid of what was happening to me and more amazed by what she saw on the screen and the sound of the heartbeat.In fact, when it was over she lifted her hands questioningly and with a face all scrunched up said"Where'd it go?"It was precious!I have no way to show you the pics, but I can tell you this-
IT'S A GIRL!!!-to be named Brianna Aaliyah.

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