Friday, August 12, 2011

Saturday September 30, 2006

I'm worried about Sierra.
2 nights ago she wet the bed.This morning I found her panties in the bathroom and they were soaked.I asked her if she had another accident and she told me yes, but that it ws ok because it was just an accident and she hid it under her pillow.I had no idea wht she meant by that so i went in her room and she had placed her pillow over the giant wet spot.Now i have to wash her pillow too.
Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I recall bedwetting as a sign of sexual abuse.Sierra hasn't wet the bed in over a year.She potty trained herself last April and has been dry ever since.Why now?last week I let her "friends" babysit her.They are a really sweet group of sisters from our church who love her to death.When I say sweet, I mean SWEET-they make the nicest person in the world seem vile.Anyway,I had to run out to pick John up from work and Sierra would not come with me.She loves these girls to death.Brianna was asleep inher crib and the drive to his job is 15 minutes tops there and back.
I told her to be good and I'd be right back, but when i got back she was under a blanket on the floor watching TV with the youngest and the middle sisters.When we walked in she got up and ran to us and I saw she wan't wearing bottoms:a t-shirt and totally bare-butted was all.No one seemed bothered by this but me.She told me she had gone "tinkles" and din't feel like putting on her panties again.
my question is:1-why didn't they make her put them back on and 2- what made them think sitting under a blanket with a 3 year old wearing no panties was ok?
I should have asked them then, but I was so thrown by the whole thing it never crossed my mind.I don't if I've been watching too much Dr.Phil and Lifetime or is there something to this?i explained to her all about private parts and I even asked her today if someone-like her firends- had ever touched her there.She laughed and said,"No mommy!They are my private parts-remember you taught me that last night?"(Actually, it was early this month....)
i don't know.Am I making too much out of this or not enough?i don't want to falsely acuse someone so incapable of something like that,but hen again everyone is capable of something like that and when it comes to my babies I'm fiercely protective and always paranoid.
I don't know where to go from here.....

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