Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday September 29, 2006

I have been so sick over the past few weeks.The beginning of September I had food poisoning,the next week was exactly the same but I was told I just had a virus,then i find out I am pregnant...the morning(late afternoon and night) sickness hits and then I get the same abdominal cramping,diarrhea,vomiting and noxious burps as the past 3 weeks again.I think in the past month I've slept a total of 6 days.
Then yesterday as I'm getting better,Siera gets this wicked cold tat comes out of nowhere.Literally.She hasn't gone anywhere for a week cause John takes the car to work and I'm deathly ill.Now she's stuffed up and coughing,congested and feverish trying to go 110mph.So what does she do when i won't let her run run run?
That's right!She infects her sister!She coughed on Brianna last night so this morning Brianna has 0 appetite and has a snot fountain for a nose!YAY!!!{{Sarcasm}}So now I'm just barely functioning myself and caring for 2 little sickies.{SIGH}
So I know we are supposed to walk by FAith and not by sight, but I've always been a signs gal and I'm trying not to be-but I've been in prayer alot lately over the whole where to deliver and what doctor to see thing.My sign came in the form of 3 verbal confirmations about a supposedly very nice alleged Christian doctor nearby named Noll who will deliver my baby at Burdette.I'm still nervous-I've been with Somers Manor since I found out I was carrying Sierra 4 years ago.But the doctor whose work i love but conversationally  I don't love won't be working at the same hospital.That and the midwife that I all around adore is never there.I mean she is when I have office visits, but she's missed both my last deliveries even though she said she'd be there(granted the first was due to knee replacement surgery, but the other was a midwives convention somewhere in the Bahamas or something like that).This time around I was really in a bad way physically and I need her medical advicer, but once again she wasn't there and wouldn't be for 2 weeks.
Well, October 9 I have my first appointment with Dr.Noll and for what it's worth the receptionist didn't give me the usual shocked tone or blah sigh when i told her I was pregnant with my 3rd baby.That's always good.I've been very caustious who knows about WeeBunn due to the fact Brianna won't even be 1 till next month and I'm (by my calculations) almost 7 weeks along.I dunno.i need to stop caring and in a way i really don't care what people say but it still hurts.Really hurts.i can't wait till I can start complaining about how my clothes don't fit and I look fat!I love being pregnant and holding the new baby for the first time!

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