Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday June 27, 2005

Yesterday we had Sierra's birthday party and it is then that I realize I worry too much.The night before i actually made myself puke I was so uptight about all the details of cleaning and planning and pricing things and the guest list...I was still food shopping at 11 pm.
So yesterday to make a long story shorter...half the guest list came which actually saved us enough cash in food and plates that I was able to afford a really nice gift for my baby.i got her a keyboard and told her it was from her missing Grammie(she hasn't stopped playing it) and a chubby Barbie trike from from mommy and daddy which turned out to be defective(of course) but we can get that fixed.
I was so thankful that Crystal was able to come with Joshua.She is like a sister to me and with the party being mainly john's family I felt the balance was off with no one from my family there.The party lasted just under 2 hours and it was good.It could've been alot worse.
Thursday is Sierra's actual birthday and it will be just the 2 of us, as always.I'll have to make that day special somehow for her too.

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