Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday July 18, 2005

Today was such a nice crazy day as opposed to yesterday.Saturday night we had a pretty bad thunderstorm that actually woke me up(nothing wakes me up anymore) and I heard Sierra crying for John.He was out cold.I sat in her room with her rubbing her back and singing to her from 3:50 am till a little after 5.The storm passed over and she went back to sleep but the staying up left me sleeping well past the start of church.i felt bad that we missed it and it was so humid and dreary to boot.It was something like 90 degrees and dark and cloudy and humid.Kept waiting for the rain that never came.It was the first day in a long while where we all sat at home with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no money to do it( that never changes, really).
Today I had to go get a 3 hour blood test for my sugar levels.i cried most of the weekend off and on cause of my morbid fear of needles.When I got there today with John and Sierra for support, I was officially prayed up and ready to go.I was eerily calm, even when I was notified that instead of being stuck 3 times it would 5 and on top of that I was alone in the room cause Sierra was too hyper  to come back until the very last time.Funny thing, i was ok.I've never seen my prayers answered so fast and in my favor. It was relatively pain less(till I got stuck in the same arm 3 times),I never fainted( just a little weak in the knees) and time seemed to fly by.
Thank you Jesus for being so good to me!
Now I just wait a couple days to hear that my prayer against having diabetes is also answered in my favor

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