Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday November 10, 2004

My life is so weird.
Monday night my husband decided that he wanted to go out for dinner, so we did.It's not very often he wants to spend money on going out when he knows we have food at home to prepare, so it was very nice to go out- just the 3 of us.
We arrived home roughly around 9 pm, and after putting Sierra to bed, we decided to have some "alone time".Unfortuneatly, we did more talking about it than actual action until it was about 11:30pm.We finally went in to bed and enjoyed ourselves until about 1am...when consummation was interrruted by knocking at the door.I kept telling John to stop and listen 3 or 4 times before he actually heard it to.I was scared because word is going around that his cousin was recently bailed of jail for drugs and has been breaking in to family members' homes stealing money.i was scared that he was knocking at the door to get John to answer, and when the door opened he would beat him down or shoot him.
John made me stay put in the bedroom while he checked it out...and you'll never guess who it mom!It was after 1 am and my mom and little brother were standing on my front porch.Long story short, my family received money from my aunt to get their stuff out of storage and they came in the middle of the night, but had no where to stay. My mom and brother slept in our living room until the next day when they packed up and went to unload was so hard for my mom to go-Sierra was so shocked and happy to see Grammie, and thank God her leaving didn't seem to harm her little spirit or heart.
Mom, on the other hand was hyperventilating and cryng and almost refused to leave.i told her she didn't have to go and that there were more than just us in the friends dept. that would help her if she decided to stay, but she kept saying she had to go for my brother's sake and that husband needed her.This cheeses me off because neither one of them ever think about her and what they put her through.But i can't live for my mom.So I am here doing the best I can with my family.
Speaking of which, I had an awesome day with Sierra.WE went shopping and playing and fed seagulls today, then had lunch together.She took 2 hour long naps and loves her new lullaby tape.I'd love to type more, but Sierra and I are going to have dinner now!

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