Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thursday January 25, 2007

I.    NEED.     SLEEP.
Even though John and I have both been working very hard to research homes in West Virginia, I have to pat my own back (and rub my own temples) for the tireless effort that I'm trying so hard to put forth.It may seem neglectful to the house, but I have spent the hours of 10am-1am the next day since Tuesday searching,researching,contacting agents, doing the math and making notes.I break only to cook meals,grab the mail, change diapers and lay Brianna down for her nap.i even have Sierra helping me pick out homes online-she likes the ones with virtual tours.
I'm trying so hard to make this a fun adventure she'll want to look forward to instead of fearing.Now if i could only explain to her the house won't be lonely when we leave because we're giving it to a nice family who doesn't have a home of their own.I  wish that were true, but in resort town NJ, most likely  it'll be some fat old rich couple buying their 2nd or 3rd vacation home for some insane price.


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