Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday August 21, 2004

Yesterday I couldn't take not knowing what was wrong with my daughter anymore.I didn't want to get her vaccinated for chixpox if that was what she now had.I caled the other office of her pediatrician and since no one was in patient-wise, they told me to bring her in.

She had never been there before, but I guess all pediatrician offices look and smell similiar because she began screaming like a banshee as soon as we came in the office.She continued crying through her weighing(she gained 2.2 lbs.!) and her exam.Dr. Sun said he's not sure what she has but it isn't chixpox.I felt very relieved.He was so nice and even tried to play with Sierra, even though she was literally clinging to me for dear life- seriously, at 1 point I actually let go so he could turn her around and she hung on to me like a koala baby!She also near pummeled him in the eye!

i'm still a little nervous because I'm keeping in mind that he didn't see her 3 days previously when the bumps were bigger, but I did take pics just in case. ;)

Today it's terribly muggy out and it started raining a few hours ago.It just seems to go with the mood of my week.

i better finish this later.Pc's about to shut down.UGH!

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