Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wednesday January 24, 2007

2 Things changed this week:
1)We were gonna wait to tell the inlaws about Johnathan Jayden, but it's been to hard on John.You can see he wants to tell his family although we never hear a good thing from them.Well, we did on Sunday.He told his dad by saying, "Guess what"?
"Ri's pregnant."....yup.
Then he told his mom who only had to say,"When it due?". He told her, "It's a boy due in May "and she said, "How do you know"?
"Ri's 6 months along".......Nothing.
Then he told his brother- the emotional zombie.When he didn't say anything john's like, "well"?
"What do you want me to say?"
"Most normal people say, 'Congratulations'".
"Oh, Congrats then."
Of course his grandmother called around 10pm with all her"worries and concerns"..aka guilt, fear seeds and ranting ramblings.She did his best to shut her up but I was hot and tried to take the phone, but he wouldn't let me.I'm madder at her because i actually tried to have a heart to heart w/ her about how i feel with the way his family responds to our baby news and she was all sensitive and caring and sorry.Crap.That's what it all was-pure crap.

2)We planned on renting when we got to WV, but we're thinking about trying to buy a place until the land gets paid off and then we can sell the old house to pay for the new house...or some variation thereof.I dunno.My head hurts, but I'm trying to stay positive.I wish John was here now.I don't feel like being alone right now.Must be a hormonal surge.

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