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Tuesday January 23, 2007

Thank you Jesus, I'm back online!
I've been separated from the rest of the world for almost 3 weeks I think.So much has been going on- I have so much to catch up on.But first things first-always the good news first.
that's our son!!!
We had another ultrasound 2 weeks ago on Monday and we discovered we're having a son!!!This is major because having a son on both sides of our  family is very hard.For some reason john and I are genetically programmed to have all girls, but our firstborn son(Johnathan Jayden- no,not J.J. or Jr.) will be here sometime near the 24th of May!
John put in for his time off today and we'll be taking 10 days near the end of February into March to go down to WV and look for a home to rent.
My mom's sentencing was on the 19th of January at 1:30pm.I couldn't sleep the night before and prayed all day long with her on mind.When she finally called i was a nervous wreck and ended up a total mess in tears.All  the sweet letters that were written on behalf of my mom brought her lawyer to tears and they and the Lord-nothing else but God- touched the judge because after a half hour or so he sentenced her to pay fines and court costs in the amount of $350!!!We were going for probation with fears that the costs and fees would break her, but this is SO much better!Praise GOD!!!!
Now, going through my own trials....
I've been stressing a lot because we really really  need a new car-a minivan or hybrid SUV in a perfect world-to accommodate our new family.We absolutely can't afford one straight out (unless God blesses us with the funds out of the clear blue sky), and financing or taking a bank loan isn't an option because moving to WV pay is lower(due to cheaper living conditions than NJ) and we could never repay a NJ debt on a WV income.So we're stuck and I'm stressed.
On top of everything else,I've been battling with Advanced Anesthesia since July or August.In a nutshell, they want $2300 for my C-section for Brianna.I dunno whether they are jerking me around or not, but they needed my insurance info which I gave 3 times and they claim the insurance has never heard of me.The insurance has said the claim was never processed in time but that they would take care of it once I collected the info needed from the bill people.(Why I had to play middle man to 2 large companies, I'll never know.Haven't they ever heard of conference calls or speakerphone???)
Anyhoo, now I'm dealing with a collection agency and it's not my fault.Had I the money I'd have paid the thing as soon as it came, or at least paid the 25 % we owed first.But that's not how it goes supposedly- insurance goes first then we pay what's left.Somebody is jerking me around and I'm in no frame of mind or condition to be dealing with the stress like I have been for so long.Please keep me and this whole mess in your payers- that God's will be done and He fix this whole mess.
On lighter notes....
yay potty!!
Brianna has been officially been introduced to the potty.Last week she sat on the infamous Cushy tushie seat on the potty and actually tinkled!! Later she wandered in there naked and peed in front of the potty- it broke my heart that she was so close, but I had no idea she was in there or I'd have put her on the potty!
She and I have been really close lately.She snuggles and kisses and hugs me so much-it's like she doesn't want anyone else.It's sweet and I really like it except when I am trying to do something that requires me to have my arms free.Plus I've been dealing with migraines and aches lately and it's hard to carry and hold her all the time- plus just as she was beginning to wean herself, she went back to it full force.My chest HURTS and I actually hate nursing her right now, but i do cause I can't say no.It's not her fault and she doesn't understand.
don't mess
Sierra is a handful to say the least.Some days she, SUCH a handful it's really hard to like her.I know that's the worse thing a mom can think of her kid but it's true.I'm completely isolated here and when my mom and john are at work and Crystal can't be reached I'm so lonely I could just die.Then take away my Internet and I had NOTHING to do but clean, pack and organize.My house was  immaculate but my patience was nil, my body was broken and my heart was too.I can't wait to be around people again, even if they are total strangers.I'll make friends if it kills me and i hear WV'ers aren't as ignorant as the "neighbors" I have here.They help you and talk to you like in the movies.All friendly and stuff.
Thank Jesus for this road trip coming up next month.We REALLY need it around here!

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