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Wednesday December 13, 2006

Baby Johnathan Jayden or Caia

I should be a cheerleader or a model or something.At least then my bulimia would be validated!Seriously, for 2 weeks now EVERY single time I eat something( regardless of size or texture or whatever) with 15 minutes I feel nauseous.

It started 2 weeks ago when I was folding laundry with Sierra.I think I had eaten a half sandwhich prior to the laundry and we were having fun folding and everything when out of nowhere I got REALLY thirsty.I told her where i was going and as I stood up to head to the kitchen, I felt like someone had dropped a  50 lb bag of puke on me.i ran to the bathroom and almost didn't make it. 3 nights ago we had Chinese for dinner and I felt ok til I went to bed.then I literally was in the bathroom  til about 2 am and the same last night.It's like some cruel preggo joke....hit me with deathly morning sickness for 2 months, take it away and bring it back for 2 weeks.whatever.I don't care as long as the baby is ok.
Speaking of which, we had another ultrasound this morning at 10 am.I never went to the bathroom after waking  up so I wouldn't have to guzzle all that water at once.The lady was very nice and pretty much knows us by name.We're practically family!Apparently my bladder was too full..after looking for all major organs and measuring the head and spine I was asked to empty the bladder, to look for a gender.I was told like, 20 times I was way early and i told her the Dr. told me to come in ASAP to verify a due date(apparently what they originally gave me and what the dr. had given me were 10 days apart and that bothered him.)I knew I was early and i don't wanna wait another few weeks or months to find out the gender....but anyway....
She looked around and found the cord-3 strands or bands or whatever they call it.Which is funny cause Brianna only had 2 I think....then she measured the arms and legs and spread the legs apart...and the whole time she was looking, she kept reminding how early i was and looking confused.
Now, rememeber she easily could tell where the umbilical cord was by its 3 bands.But then when she looked between the legs she said,", now i do see a little something right, I don't wanna say for sure, that, you know, it's a boy cause you are still very early.But....hmmmm.i mean,well, it could be the cord or yeah, it could be a little boy.hmmmm.Yeah, you'd have to come back in a few weeks or a month's just way too early tell right now.But, now see that looks like...yeah... I can't tell.Sorry."

So yeah, with my girls I got nothin'! No maybe, no confusion -no nothin! It was always, "we see nothing, but don't hold your breath it -could always be a boy."This poor woman was either so unsure of what she was looking at or she really wanted to say boy ,but didn't want to be wrong.I dunno....I'm still holding out for John's sake that we've got a little running back in there.

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