Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday January 20, 2005

Well, I'm at the library again.It'll probably be that way from now on.Our Pc is so busted we may just have to sell it.
I've decided that the new baby is just not an option for me right now.I'm tired of being consumed by something that is not in my control.Quite frankly it's not in John's either, so I'm officially and finally leaving it up to God.Let go and let God, right?
So now my new consuming obsession is our future home.(Hey, I learned from Dr. Phil that if you are to give up an addiction, than you can't leave it open for return.It must be filled with something of equal or better value.)We've been saving money for over a year now and have begun putting it into a savings account.We've contacted real estate agencies and have decided to go with one because as it turns out, a long time friend of ours owns it and she loves me like a mom or older sister.We've had our credit checked and applied for a loan and are currently waiting to see if we've been approved and if so, for how much.I've made a list of everything we own-room by room- in our house for 2 reasons.1- so his mom can't claim something that is not hers and 2-to see what exactly we'll need when we move.Looking over the list I see the only 2 complete rooms will be Sierra's and the bathroom!We own vrtually no furniture-we don't even have a coffee table for the LR.I guess I'll have to hit Avalon and Stone Harbor on bulk day!!
I recently applied for a night job with Papa John's in prayerful expectation that if I do my part, God will honor my request to still be able to spend the bulk of my day with Sierra and not have to worry about who's watching her when I'm gone.God is SO good!!!!The manager called me in yesterday to interview me-p.s. he is WAY awesome and not to hard on the eyes either!!!I get to work the majority of my days from 9pm to midnight-excatly what I wanted.That way I can have Sierra in bed and asleep and John will be home to sit with her.The manager loved this because most of his new employees are teens that aren't allowed by law to work past 9pm anyway!!On the days that I work, John will be home and can put her down for a nap if need be.
i'm so excited because with what John brings home, we are just, and I mean JUST breaking even.With my new job we'll have extra cash to put into savings for the house,xtra cash to put towards bills and xtra cash to have fun with.We NEVER get to have fun.Just the other day I wanted to rent a $5 movie and John was scared to because we are so penny pinching these days.We won't have to be like that anymore!YAY!
But don't worry, I haven't forgotten to give God his first.Every paycheck10 % off the bat is the Lord's.

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