Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday December 15, 2006

I found one of them...and made my first leg of lamb for dinner tonight.Hey, it's Jersey, I'm tired of subjecting my family to weekly Chinese,spaghetti and cheeseburgers(although they never complain)...but in this state you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal than $1.99lb for a leg of lamb.So with much apprehension I roasted it and the verdicted is:
John had 2 helpings,Brianna even nibbled it and for the first time in weeks Sierra ate her whole plate of food + whatever Brianna didn't want!!!!I gotta do this more often.I think Tuesday I'll make the duck!!
Today was a hectic but good day.Anyday I can get the girls out of the house is fun for them, even if it was only food shopping and taking john to work.i can really see Sierra trying to be good these past 2 days.She even says,"I will be obedient and listened to you.That makes your heart smile".She has slipped up as most kids do but REALLY tries- so I'm gonna surprise her Sunday afternoon and make a mommy/daughter date-just the 2 of us while Brianna sleeps(John'll watch her) and take her to go see Charlotte's web.
I'll screen it first, but I think she'd really like that.We need more fun us time.We used to spend full days and evenings together...walking along the beach, going to the park,laying in the grass and watching clouds and seagulls go by....we both need that again.I want her to know I do still love her and the "nice"mommy is still in here...somewhere inside the frazzled,overtired,sore, burn out cranky mommy that she has gotten used to.If only I could convey to her that there is just something extra special about her because she was my first baby and giving birth to her was like giving birth to my best friend.i just don't want to smudge that line of respect daughters are supposed to have for their mothers by becoming more of her friend.
i can't wait till the day when I can-whenafter years of putting in all the time and energy of rearing a God-loving worshipper of a wife and mother that we can talk and live now as best friends.

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