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Monday December 20, 2004

first things first since i filled this out on Jess's page so now, it's my turn!

(a) first, recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album

(b) i want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less.

(c) then i want you to go to your journal; copy and paste this, allowing your friends to ask you anything.

It's been insane around my place.God is really taking me through something.I have next to no money in our account- I'm talking $97 and some odd change.Which I wouldn't sweat if it were just me, but it's me and my baby and husband and 2 pets and my mom's several pets.We can't live like this,no one will hire for the hours I need to work so desperately and I'm scared.On top of all that I'm in my "REALLY WANT TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY" mode.It's stronger now more than ever and it's beginning to wear on my hubby and I.I know now isn't the world's perspective of the best time to have another child, but the way I see it-insurance covers Dr. visits,ultrasounds,prenatal vitamins,bloodwork and the actual delivery day and stay;I breastfeed so food isn't a concern for the first year,insurance covers baby dr. visits and shots...and spring is right around the corner  so money always gets better by why not?

Sierra has begun talking in 2 word sentences, since saturday.she's always said Mommy and daddy, thank you and bye-bye....but she suddenly put them together saturday afternoon and hasn't stopped!Every morning she wakes me up at 7amwith"potty mommy".I take her out of her criba nd receive a big cheek kiss and "Dee-doo, mommy!"(thank you, mommy).Then all day it's bye-bye-daddy,thank you mommy, nice kitty,no-no-baby(to kids on tv misbehaving....) it's weird.Friday she was a babbling toddler and saturday she's a talking child!It just really sends me over the edge emotionally and does not help my next baby syndrome.
well, i better be getting home.It's 12:25 and I have to take the cat to the vet by 1pm.My gosh it's freezing out there!And windy!!!!Pray 4 me

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