Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday December 12, 2006

For the first time in a long time I felt content today.I mean, I will always miss my husband when he's not here.And I was still in near complete isolation, if not for my children.But something was different and I know someone was praying for me.
Sierra couldn't have been better.She was respectful and obedient and helpful.Not once did I raise my voice or my hand.I never even had to speak to her twice.She never cried when Daddy left and greeted him with kisses and open arms with her little sister when he came home.
Dinner was actually hot when he walked in and although I've had a headache and nausea most of the day, I was able to function.I enjoyed Tv and playtime with my kids and reading, thy actually sat still long enough for me to finish the book.
After dinner we put on the XM station on our Directv and laughed and clapped as the girls danced and danced for an hour.Everytime I yelled "Praise the Lord!!", their tiny arms flew up and they looked up to the sky with smiles on their sticky faces.After music hour they played togther with their dolls until it was time for bed-with no whining or fighting for  more playtime.By 9:30 they were exhausted but happy-Sierra listening intently to her bedtime story - my variation of the 3 Little Pigs(starring Flopsy,Mopsy and Bacon Bits!) and Brianna was already snoring in my arms before I could lay her down.
Yes, it was a very good day for us.Whoever was in prayer for me, thank you.So much.

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