Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday January 5, 2007

Random thoughts going through my head today:
I really don't want the World to get worse.It's scary.I mean, I'm looking forward to the Lord's return like you wouldn't believe, but why do things have to get worse?Wouldn't it be nicer if they got better and better, kinda like cleaning up the house before company arrives?
Why are most girls so petty?I mean, I'm female and the only time I really go off is when a)something has been building inside me over time and I feel like I can't or am not allowed to let it out sooner, or b)when some huge injustice or sacrilegious event takes place and no one seems to care.It just seems like whenever a female gets her feelings hurt, she either harps on it for months or years even or she drops the "offender" altogether like they are able to be that easily deleted from the female's life- maybe they are easily deleted.In that case, the offender must not have meant that much to the female to begin with.Oh well, like Jada Pinkett-Smith said on Tyra(no laughing!) not everyone is meant to go on to the next level with you.So either get on board or get off!
I'm really getting tired of this sciatic pain in my left leg.I'm used to it occurring during pregnancy, but usually not until the 8th or 9th month!I'm only 5 and half or so months along and I can barely walk.Seriously, folding clothes yesterday was like standing with and axe embedded in my left derriere cheek.The pain is sharp and twingy and crippling.Oh well, ceste la vie!
What is up with my daughters?!All Sierra wants to do all day is eat.Literally, as soon as the last piece of whatever she is eating is in her mouth, she's mumbling how she wants something else.It's getting alarming, especially since whether I give in and feed her all day or not she NEVER eats her dinner.Go figure.And Brianna- dear Lord in Heaven- she's developed her version of holding her breath to get her way--- she screams, gets down on her knees and bangs her head on the floor 2 or 3 times.Funny thing is john and I never give in, so I have no idea where she came up with this, or why she continues it?
Ever notice how when you really want something you can't have, it pops up everywhere?Like for instance, I'm REALLY wanting to get that minivan and all week all I see are minivans-mainly on my street.I live in an "old people" neighborhood, so there is no excuse for all these hobo senior citizens to be cruising in vans.
Speaking of old people, I used to really think they were adorable, but I'm quickly changing my mind(at least regarding the ones around here).They are rude, petty,snobby and lately, have been throwing their trash in our yard and the dog shreds it everywhere.So far, we've received soda bottles,candy boxes,cardboard boxes,mylar balloons, used tampons, denture glue boxes, napkins, microwave dinner boxes, and turkey carcasses with saran wrapped baked beans stuffed inside.
Ahhhh, my head feels much lighter.

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