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Saturday December 9, 2006

So this is love,mhmmhmmm......
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Last night John came home around 8-ish and was hanging in the doorway calling me to help him with something.Well, i was in the middle of finishing up making dinner and was irritated by Sierra's constant nagging for sweets and Brianna hanging on my pants to the point of pulling them down...
I turn to help and the way he was leaning in the doorway i couldn't tell if he was hurt or what...then he pulls his right arm in and hands me bouquet of tiger lilies!!
Suffice it to say I began crying hysterically and I actually hyperventilated to the point where he said (kidding) that he's never buying me flowers again!!

In other news....
my crying streak continues.Today was Rich Green's funeral and because i finally got struck with the girls' colds last night around 10pm I overslept and missed the viewing.I wasn't about to be ignorant, so I ran to Acme and picked out some cookies and a card for Janet.I drove to the church so embarrassed to be late to a funeral.I went in side and dropped off the card, signed the book and put the cookies in the kitchen...just as i was about to leave someone  was exiting the sanctuary and i peeked in and heard the praise and saw the casket-and I lost it.i began sobbing like it was one of my children in the scared me so I ran out to my car and just wept bitterly, and I don't even know why.
I knew Rich for like, a minute.But he prayed for me and my impending C-section for Brianna when he didn't know me and I told him he and his wife were responsible for bringing my mom to the Lord 23 years ago.Because of him, I was saved too, because it was my mom who witnessed to me.
That was the only time I spoke to him although his wife is in my Bible study, but he really touched my life.
"Well done good and faithful servant.Enter into the joy of the thy Lord."

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