Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday January 26, 2007

You know, there are days when it's so loud and chaotic here I can't stand to be here.I get debilitating stress pain in my shoulders and neck that works it way up into full blown migraines where I'm fighting not to throw up-which would only intensify the migraine and continue the cycle.I get no breaks or naps from 11:30am til 8:30pm, I have no friends or family that stop by and visit just to remind me there is life beyond these paneled walls.I'd give anything to be able to drop my girls off to someone's house-anybody's house- guilt and worry free.And then I get a second to check the news that comes to my email, and I'm reminded why I am here and how I'm justified in my paranoia.
I'll spare you the graphic details.If you wanna read the heartwrenching story yourself, you can here:
Suffice it to say at least 12 children were sexually abused-including an infant as young as 3 months old- over a period of 10 years.And here's the clincher: some neighbors were not only  NOT shocked, but suspected it!So call me goofy, but WHY IN THE BLUE .... DIDN'T SOMEONE DO SOMETHING??!!!NOTHING sets me off faster than people either abusing children or knowing about it and doing nothing. I was emotionally abused for years, if not mentally as well, and those who knew did nothing and those who didn't know suspected nothing.I praise God for forgiveness and healing; I can't imagine sexual abuse and what these precious babies went through and are dealing with now because no one cared.My heart is breaking.Absolutely breaking.
Right now, Sierra is dressed up as Cinderella and spinning in circles with a diaper-only Brianna to the tune of "Patty CakePatty cake".I think I'll join them, holding extra tight to their little hands.

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