Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday December 8, 2006

I am so bored.I've been indoors since Tuesday.Sierra is still congested but still a barrel of gunpowder, well, at least she was up until 5pm.I was folding clothes in the bedroom and came out to find her fast asleep in her bean bag chair...snoring and everything!
Brianna toddled around the house going"SHHH!", finger to her lip...and everything!
I've done laundry, folded clothes, prepped tp make dinner at 7:30 and tended to the kids all day...I bored now and tired.I think I'll make cookies later tonite.
Sorry this isn't more interesting.But hey, if you want interesting, hack into Britney Spears's or Lindsey Lohan's diaries.That would be interesting.

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