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Tuesday January 30, 2007

I had a really nice past couple days with john.The girls of course had their moments when they were either really good or trying our very last nerves, but I think we handled it pretty well.I was especially impressed with John-he never lost his temper, was very patient and seemed to be so strong and positive when we went to tell his family about our plans to buy a house in WV instead of rent and they basically shot every negative comment,question and attitude towards him.Their ignorance towards him and favoritism toward his brother never cease to amaze and anger me.
i mean, John really tries in everything he does.He's a faithful hard worker,doesn't accept lame excuses to miss a day of work,tithes,prays, saves and  generally enjoys spending time with the kids and me.You can see for the longest time all he wanted was peace between me and his mom and his parents support and approval with the decisions he's made in his life...but he never gets it.Glimpses here and there but they are few and far between.
Now, he's come to the realization it might never be that way. For some reason his mother will always be suspicious,resentful and miserable, his dad will always be passive and indifferent and his grandmother will never be able to make up her mind and keep her word when she gives it.And, his brother will always be the slacking favorite for some reason.My theory?Even though neither of her sons have done exactly what she's planned for their lives, Jamie is the one who still is there to be babied and dependent on her, giving her some sick sense of purpose.John has grown up,taken responsibility for his and our life and has become a successful man despite doing things the complete opposite of how his mom planned it to go.Jamie's plan for adulthood? To become a street magician.
Stop laughing, I'm serious.
And what's more is although he went to Europe for 2 weeks for his senior trip, he's paying over $2G to go again this year with the new seniors.Don't ask me how or why, but all i know is I'm pretty sure his mom didn't make him feel like he was being put on trial when he asked for the money(despite the fact they are all supposed to be moving in the next couple months,his dad is trying to afford to make expensive home improvements to sell the house, and 3 out 4 family members are dying from one thing or another and his family is supposedly so broke.)yet that's exactly what they did to john when all he wanted to ask was see if they'd agree to be co-signers should we need someone else's signature to buy the house.they pegged all the "where you gonna work?", "How do you expect to pay...", "Your aunt says there are no jobs down there..." type questions at him...all questions regarding money or putting down our ability to keep them from picking up the slack for us should we fail to pay something...I dunno.It just really ticks me off, then they had the nerve to start in on my family."What if your dad doesn't use his discount to let you get the house you want on his lot?" "How do you know your mom is gonna give you half the land once it's paid off?" "Is it gonna be in your name?" "Is it all legit?"
Ok, my family may be screwed up but they aren't liars and thieves.that's you guys.
I give up, I really do.I don't want anything to do with these people anymore.I don't want my children to have anything to do with them.They didn't want them before they were here, they kiss a relationship with them now goodbye.
They bring so much grief into our lives and they're about nothing but money, so as far as I'm concerned (as horrible as this sounds)that is all they are to me from now on.I've tried to be friendly and I've tried to be family.Now, they can go jump in a lake and as far as I'm concerned ; they are only good for the 1 thing they care about- money.they are the rich mean grandparents that I look forward to getting away from and waiting on to hear there is a possibility of something for the kids from them in the wills.I have had it.

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