Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday October 6, 2004

Ok, technically I'm not watching this since I'm at the library- but I did watch it yesterday.My life feels like it's pinning out of control and I'm in the middle of the hurricane.
My mom is officially leaving Thursday and I'm so angry and heartbroken that when she came over I blew up at her and called her stupid, then ran into my room and sobbed uncontrollably like a 5 year old.She came in and hugged me and said no one ever called her stupid and lived to tell the story.We laughed and was classic us.
John and i are doing much better, aside from the fact that we don't have enough money for what we need, but always enough for what we want.Or do I have that backwards?i dunno...I think both are true, depending on what day it is.
I thank God everyday for Crystal.There are days Sierra won't nap unless I'm on the phone with her.Her spirit is so gentle and sweet Sierra can feel it going thru the phone to me.i need to be more like her.
Speaking of Sierra, the day all her pageant paperwork was due our dog bit her on the face.i had laid her down in her crib(which is pushed up against our bed so she can roll back and forth from the crib to me)and never even saw the dog in the room.She slept for about 10 minutes when I suddenly heard her scream and the dog run out of the room.I ran in to find sierra's face drippingwith blood.Long story short, i ran her to ER and she was found to have 6 lacerations but no puncture wounds.I got some antibiotics,bactroban and peroxide and was told stiches were unnessessary.Now that it's been a week, I can sound shallow and say how mad i am that this would happen right before a baby pageant.Thankfully though,the wounds are quickly healing into little pink scars and light brown scabs.Maybe I can hide them with coverup?
Well, i better go.My time here at the library is up and I need to get home to make dinner.Hopefully I can get here throughout the week since my pc has been hacked into and the only thing i can easily (and regrettably)view is porn.I hate my computer.God bless you all!

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