Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday October 13, 2004

So much has been going on lately, i scarcely know where to start.
sierra went to her baby pageant.Let me tell you- I have never seen her so well behaved in such terrible conditions.The whole pageant was disorganized,rowdy,hot,uncomfortable and loud.Children and parents were all nuts-screaming,crying,cheering and talking during the entire thing.Throughout the whole ordeal,Sierra remained like I've never seen her.She let me do her hair in pigtails,change her from 1 outfit to another,sit with her, change her diaper and feed her cheerios and kix.She went 4 hours without a nap and took everything in stride.
She ended up winning 2 trophies,a tiara, a modeling portfolio,a t-shirt, a videotape of the pageant and professional photos(both of which we are waiting for in the mail).She slept all the way home.
Yesterday we received a letter in the mail from Young Faces,Inc.Apparently there were talent scouts at the pageant(thought we never saw them) and the scouts from Young Faces were there and saw either her or her pics later on and loved her.They are by invite only and want to meet with us next Sunday at the Holiday Inn in Atlantic City!I'm so excited.She's got the potential I never had but always wanted.I pray she does well at the interview-money is so tight with us that my original plan of saving cash every week in her piggy bank for her college fund(or car fund or whatever)is virtually nil.If she does become a model, she can earn money towards whatever she may need or want in life as long as John and I make sound prayerful decisions  about how to invest her earnings.
On lighter notes, I look forward to watching her grow and play and learn more things.She's really working on pronouncing words she already knows correctly- like,"more","Doggy","nose" and "Thank you".
Please pray the we get our Pc fixed or can afford a new one- today I attempted to try to log on and got nothing more than a black screen.So, until God does something for us, I'm stuck here at the library with it's dumb 1/2 hour limit!

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