Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday October 14, 2004

Ever feel like your losing your mind?Today that is exactly how I'm feeling.Last week I got a new library card- cost me $5,Within 3 days it was gone.I have no idea where it went, so I got another one yesterday.i have 1 night shirt that is my favorite- it's big and soft and I have no idea where it went.I did laundry one day 2 weeks ago and <POOF!>it's gone.During my missing library card days I was forced to prove my ID by showing the old ladies that work here my license.Today I just happened to notice that i haven't seen it in a few days and ended up calling up my mom and John at work crying hysterically because that was the straw that broke this camel's back.
I tore up my car, my house and my self,quite frankly, because i needed to go pay my car insurance and refused to risk driving there without the license.John surprised me by coming home for lunch and he went out to the car and found it stuffed in my checkbook- the same checkbook thbat I had shook vigorously a half hour ago.
I know I'm not pregnant, but I haven't been this bad with my memory since I was.i remember being 6 months preggie and getting up from my pc to use the bathroom.I put my glasses on top of my head, and when I came back, they weren't there.i haven't seen them since.As annoying as Sierra's 50 million"Mommy,Mommy,Mommy!" cries are, it's safer for her that she keeps it up- that way, I'll never misplace her!

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