Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday September 7, 2004

I've come to the conclusion that I am no different than any other working mom."Working Mom?" you ask."I thought you were a stay at home mom"?
WEll, I am.But as I stay at home, I also cook,clean,balance checkbooks, search for bargains for everything the home needs from food to bookshelves,schedule everything from vaccination appointments to vet appointments,laundry,provide childcare,entertain guests and generally keep the household running somewhat smoothly.But my problem is that Irealize I almost never have a moment to myself.Like right now for example.
My daughter has been asleep for just about 45.The second I logged onto Xanga to write she woke up.Coinincidence?Nope, it happens all the time.I'm just waiting her out to see if she'll go back to sleep.I doubt she will though.
I desperatly need my own money.I hate and refuse to continue waiting 2 weeks for my $40.That used to seem like so much compared to my original $20.But as the weeks wear on I want to do things that I can't afford on $40- treat my child to new toys and lunches out,get myself lunches out, my nails done or dare I dream- my hair?!I'd love Christian CD's- which I need terribly but can't afford.I need a new cd player to play them on.I used to have a huge collection of family appropriate movies when I was younger.Now they're gone from years of moving from city to city.I want Sierra to view wholesome things like I got a chance to do. .....Be right back.Sierra refuses to let me rest.
I'm back, but i  have to cut this short.Can't type with one hand.Please pray that God will supply my needs and give me the desires of my heart.

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