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Tuesday September 21, 2004

I am so sorry for being gone so long.I am currently at the library because my home pc is shot.I'm not really watching the movie here,but i was yesterday so i put that here now.
This past week has been nuts.i found out John was ripped off when he bought my engagement ring.i don't have a long time to type, so I'll make this all as fast as I can.
Sierra is in a baby pageant next month, so i stopped at a jewlery store to ask their support by buying an ad for her program page.A lady there was admiring my ring an asked to see it.She showed it to her boss and he confirmed the ring was not a diamond...none of the stones were.I told John and he was heart-broken and we spent the next 3 days diamond shoppping.Problem is, we don't have the kind of cash to get the size rock he wants me to have.i found a pretty little chiplet at JCpenney's for $125 and he refused to get it cause it was too small.So now I'm currently without a diamond, just my channel band.
My mom keeps flip flopping on whether or not she's leaving.Today she says she is.Saturday she wasn't.i don't know.
Please pray for us, as a family we could really use it.Sierra's pageant is a nice distraction from the chaos.if anyone reading this has a family business, or knows of a business that may be willing to support Sierra, please contact me at or here.You can buy an ad space on her page in the program...starting at $25(I'd need a business card)all the way to $200 for a full page.1/8 page is $30,1/4 page is $50, 1/2 page is $100.I'd need a business card for any size page you choose, plus a message for her like"GOd BLess you" or "Good luck" or something encouraging.This can't be done for thr $25 ad since it's too small.OR, if you just want to by an ad space to write her a message, you can do that too.Any support we receive gets printed and is much appreciated.
The date I'd need it by is9/28/04-my address is: p.o. box 196 Green Creek, NJ 08219.Checks or money orders are made out to Glamour Pageants,Inc.

Thank you and hopefully I'll talk to you soon.God Bless!

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