Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday November 23, 2004

Today i put in an application to Blockbuster.I've never been so apprehensive in a such a long time!We are in such dire  need of extra money right now, I'm obligated to help.i just don't want to inconvienence Sierra or Crystal, who has graciously offered to babysit Sierra  twice a week.
this is so scary for me because I haven't worked in 2 years and my girl has never had a babysitter.I'm glad it's Crystal though.i trust her wholeheartedly.
Sierra is growing so much.I asked her today if she was ready for her nap, just playing around.She actually shook her head and said "no" in this tiny munchkin voice!She also developed this mild addiction to cheesy poofs!
Well, I'll write more when I can.I better go give her a bath- She's orange and crumby from the poofs!

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