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Thursday November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today was the first holiday I've ever spent without my family.As most of you know my mom moved to W. Virginia and I miss her alot.
I went throughout my normal Turkey day tradition-I made everything I could afford to get from SAve a lot and some things that were given to us.unfortuneatly, I was so nervous of having a very late dinner, I kinda jumped the gun and dinner was ready before 3pm.John however didn't want to eat till 5, so in an attempt to keep it all heated, I burned half of it.There was the turkey,homemade baked mac-and-cheeses,corn muffins,buttered biscuits,gravy,cranberry sauce,peas and carrots,corn,broccoli,mashed taters, stewed tomatoes...I think that's everyhthing.Sierra's eyes were huge when she awoke from her nap and saw all that food!
Afterward we went to John's grandad's house where his extended family usually eats dinner, complains and gossips about everyone else in the family;I love certain ones but not collectively.I hate the language and the smoke and the wild little kids.Most of all, I hate that he just assumes we're to go see his family every year for every major holiday and I haven't seen my family in months.This hoovers.
My sister-in-law asked if my mom was coming and I said no.When she asked why not, John's busy-body  mother chimed in"Oh, she's in West Virginia.She moved there.Didn't you know?"
Thing is, I was trying to keep it a secret from her so she wouldn't swoop in to take my mom's place, but one of her busy body friends who happens to go to our church found out and puked forth the info to her.Up until tonite, she never let on that she even knew- I found out from John.
Then she tries to be "nice" by saying how John and I create such beautiful babies and how Sierra is so smart because of me...then snidely sneaks in that John was smart till he met me.Then he got stupid, but she'll forgive me for that.The snake.She should be so lucky to have me in her family.The trash that that family seems to pick up is amazing.Everyone is related by a baby- not necessarily by marriage, at least 3 people are rumored to be heavily into drugs,only 4 or so don't smoke, everylast one of them cursed at least once tonight and 2 aren't allowed anywhere near their own kid due to drugs.1 of those 2 has been breaking into families' houses to steal drug money and the divorce rate in this country is up due to his family.One of his cousins proudly displayed 2 new tatoos- one that says "F$@*! You" and the other he got when he was "totally wasted".He's 19.
It's a miracle John turned out as wonderful as he did.By all rights he shouldn't have.But he must be among the 3 or 4 chosen ones.
i'm sorry for being so viscious-it's just that when I met him, his family wasn't this bad, this common...this- unsaved.Their were a few bad apples, but everyone was so warm and accepting.Now...I don't know.I just want to get as far away from them as possible in order to raise my children right without any internal conflict.
I mean, when she hears a person swear or sees them smoke- it's one thing to say that's bad  and not to do it- when that personis a stranger.But when it's your own grandmother or aunt or cousin....It's like, "ok, so why can they and I can't?"
My family is a little nuts, but they are good influences and Christian.Course, my family is just my mom and brother.Not this big hillbilly gathering of people.

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