Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday October 29, 2004

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've written.So much has gone on, I hardly know where to start.
First off, Sierra was offered a modeling contract with Young Faces, Inc.I have to mail it off today.
Second, my family moved to Looneyville, WV.They are having a terrible time of it out there- barely any food,money, heat...the basic necessities of life.I've wortried myself sick over the past few days, but I've decided to leave them to God and realize I'm the daughter- with a family of my own to worry about.
Third, Sierra has moved from our bed to her own crib.I just couldn't take not sleeping anymore- she took up too much room sleeping sideways and all.Plus, EVERYTIME I went to roll over she'd wake up screaming.So 2 nights ago I decided to put her crib back 2gether and put her in it.She screamed for 20 or so minutes then resorted to laying down as long as I laid next to her in bed and massaged her feet and tickled her hands.She finally fell asleep.Yesterday I put her in for her nap and she only cried 5 minutes or so minutes, then laid herself down- pulling the covers up all by herself!
John took our PC to a friend of his after it crashed and had it reformatted.Now it runs faster then before and the Antivirus catches all the viruses and such!I'm so excited!
I sold an elmo potty on ebay and the lady never paid for it.I'm so angry about that.I filed a complaint with ebay and they sent a letter to the lady.That was 3 days ago and she hasn't the decency to even repond.So rude.So, in a few days I'll be refunded my listing fee and if she doesn't respond still, I'll sell it to anyone who reads this.Just email me here or at
I better go lay Sierra down.Her eyes are rolling up in her head and she's pulling out all our videos from under the TV.

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