Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday April 20, 2006

I've not been feeling very good emotionally lately.Nothing seems to be going right.I love my babies to death but I just want time for me.It sounds so selfish out loud but I don't care- it's how I feel.I'm horribly lonely and sick to death of preschool entertainment.I envy working moms who ready themselves everyday to face the world of adults with mature conversation without a second thought of their kids or what's for dinner or the piling laundry.I want our own home so bad I feel like I'm quickly going mad.imiss my mother and fighting with my brother.
I'd love to wake to a full breakfast in bed, quiet and uninterrupted by singing puppets with accents.
After breakfast I'd take a leisurly shower for a half hour with scented candles and body wash.After the shower I'd be wrapped up in the softest white bathrobe and taken to a spa where a team of experts worked tirelessly on me-french mani's and pedi's;my hair straightened and brushed and styled.My make-up carefully applied I would then be taken to a dimly lit room where soft acoustic guitar music plays and a table awaits my tired and sore body.
I'm massaged and rubbed and relaxed for hours until I feel like the melted wax dripping from the vanilla and gardenias candles.After a wonderful afternoon I sit on a breezy veranda sipping iced kiwi strawberry juice and munching on a ligt tea sandwich and a salad. ........
I never get much further than this in my fantasy because at some point my day dreaming is interrupted by a horrific howl from the baby or Sierra exiting from her nap in tears for no reason.Which reminds me,i better go pump milk for the baby's cereal.

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