Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday April 12, 2006

I'm gonna try and forget about the house for today.Yesterday i was so driven and focused on trying to find the finances to buy the house and all, I was WAY OVERSTRESSED.Everything bothered me, i was tired and angry that nothing was working out and it was just a bad day.If people want to help, that would be huge.If GOd decides to do something in our favor, that'd be even more huge.But for today I'm gonna enjoy the gorgeous weather, get outside and make sure my girls are happy.
Today i began training with a lady named Nancy who will be teaching us how to train Neo.He's so smart and good.He already walks so well on a leash and knows "off" and "sit".i think when graduation comes, he's gonna be a very "good boy".
Later after lunch I'm gonna go walking with a new friend ,Ryan.It's so nice to finally have a friend nearby who loves the Lord and shares the same beliefs I do.Maybe we can end up babysitting each others girls and give the other a well deserved and long overdue break(she's a stay at home Momma too!)
Well, I hear the stirrings of a waking baby from naptime, so I'm gonna scat.God bless!

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