Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday May 19, 2006

I know, I's been almost a month sice I've last written.I'm a terrible blogger, but actually I'm not.I've done so much better at blogging than keeping a paper diary!As you can guess, so much has happened since I last wrote.I read over my last entry and realized and i still have those days- more often than not.But I also have learned that no matter how crappy I feel,how much i complain(though I shouldn;t), or how frustrated I get with the little things around here-God still hears.
God has heard our cries.I could go into great detail but I'd rather get to the point.Mother's day i got the best gift of all(and no it wasn't a massage, although that would be a very close 2nd)Long story short, John finally told his family about our plans to move to WV and not only do they agree and support us but they also have agreed to co-sign for us so we can finance the home!
Needless to say, I'm ecstatic times 110!I've already begun wish lists at bed,bath and beyond and walmart(started them online,but I'm sure they still stand at the store).We have virtually nothing to put into our new home-the girls are the only ones with a complete room.i believe the house alreafy comes w/ a fridge and dishwasher- but no washer and dryer.We have no tables or chairs,lamps or livingroom furniture except for a sofa I got off of freecycle.Our bedroom consists of a bed- which from what i hear from most long time married couples is alot better than what most newlyweds start out with.
The other reason I haven't been on much is because I've started a MYspace site and I try to cross ref. that with this to avoid duplicate journals.
Well, I'm gonna go look at some more stuff online for the house- try to get an idea how we want this coordinated colorwise!(YAY!!)

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