Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday July 25, 2005

Friday one of the dr.'s at my obgyn office called to tell me that my blood sugar levels were high and he informed me that i supposedly have gestational diabetes.I cried a little bit then decided to live like I'm saved- meaning that no matter what any dr. on this earth may tell me they are only human and therefore fallible.My God and my Father is the Great Physician- if This guy is right than GOd will take care of me.If he is wrong God will care for me.No matter what happens, God  is in control.

So today I received a packet in the mail from the Maternal fetal medicine ( or something like that)  containing all this overwhelming crap about testing my blood at home( not fun for me) and changing my diet.More not fun for me.It's all confusing and time consuming- like I have loads of time to kill with my comatose toddler staring up at the ceiling all day.I have to chart my sugar levels 4 times a day and weigh and measure food....crap,.All crap.But I look at it this way, even if this is totally uneccessary, in the end not only will I immediately lose all the baby fat plus whatever I would have lost by breastfeeding, but I'll be like 115 lbs by being on this ridiculous diet!And you know, all diets take work and aren't I'll just keeping thinking like that.(Even though with my last pregnancy i only gained 10.5 lbs and lost 28!)

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