Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday August 30, 2005

It's been crazy the past couple of days.My mom got the ok to come and visit for a few days.Sierra really missed her and I did too.I just forgot how much chaos is involved with her visits.john sees it as alone time for us because he knows I trust Sierra to my mom, but my mom sees it as time for us to hang out and do things that i can do anyday but she doesn't get to do.I try to make everyone happy and I'm burned out.
My brother is never happy- he yells at me and makes smart comments to my mom that I'd slap Sierra for if she were 12 and talking to me like that.Mom tries to indulge Sierra since she never sees her but she's slowly undoing all the work we've put into her by giving her whatever she wants at the stamp of her little foot.I cried last night because when it's just us Sierra always wants "Daddy", now that Grammie is here all she wants is her.I feel like the bad guy all the time.
John got a new tattoo yesterday- it's a tribal sun on his other arm.It's huge but attractive on him.He wants me to get one and I kinda want one too- I'm just wishy washy about it and I don't really know why.i wanna get the Christian fishy on the inside of my left wrist.
I have an ob appt. with Carter today.i don't wanna go cause I don't like or trust her.She's a hypochondriac and that's bad when you're a doc.I don't know anyone who likes her.I miss my midwife- I hope she's done her va-kay in 2 weeks.

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