Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday October 30, 2004

Today is crazy.I had to go mail off Sierras modeling contract and a gift package to my mom before noon.Then I came home so John could leave for work and got a shopping list together, then left aganin with Sierra.
Sierra and I spent 3 hours shopping then I finally got home around 4pm when she fell asleep as I parked the car!I brought her in to her crib and she screamed bloody murder as usual.I need to unload the groceries so desperately before half my order melted, but all she wanted to do was scream and play.I couldn't take it anymore so after making sure she would be safe, I left to unpack the car.When I came back, she was sound asleep!She has never put herself to sleep in the crib, and without me there to sing and read and talk to her!A true miracle!
So here I am typing away with a kitten in my lap- oh yeah, we got a tiny black kitten yesterday.His name was Nicholas, but John and i renamed him Salem.Of course!He is so wonderful- a little playful but so pleasant and friendly and laid back.He purrs even when he's scared!I think this quenches my need to have a baby- at least for now!

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