Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday July 28, 2006

I'm sorry I'm such a horrible Xanger.I get so busy with doing things around here and checking my email and Myspace that i forget I even have Xanga too.
My family (mom and johnny)came to stay for a week and a few days and it was really can they go,go,go!!!I'm a very quiet,scheduled homebody.My mom just GOES!!!All day trips to the Boardwalk, waterpark, massages, shopping, parties, bbq's, visting, walks,beaches,.....Gosh!!
i mean seriously,she would stay out half the night if I hadn't said the girls needed to get to bed.Naptimes were nonexistent and bedtimes were EXTREMELY late!Sierra was hyper and acted up and the baby was extra whiny and clingy.i couldn't wait to get the usual way of life back.
I really miss her again.She was the burst of energy and life that was missing in our home.I'm glad it's quiet again, but I'm glad she gave us that week long breath of life.
Brianna is almost standing on her own for longer than a few seconds and she finally has her first tooth!It's coming in on bottom and she's a drooling bundle of pride!

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