Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday November 4, 2006

Yesterday was the most uneventful day up until 5pm.I took John to work and went food shopping with the girls and cashed John's check...everything that was on my to do list was completed.Brianna had been down for her nap and I was going to get her up when I had to use the bathroom.Well, long story short when I got done using the potty I saw blood.It was weird because literally, in a fraction of a nanosecond I had 3 thoughts:1-Aw, crap I got my period,2-Omigod,I'm not supposed have a period!,3-Jesus, please let my baby be ok!
I knew who I had to call but went blank on numbers.I called John, and after telling his snotty toned boss that YES, this was an emergency!She had him call me right back since he wasn't in the building at the time.Then I called my doctor( who I should say at this point I'm very impressed with that he was still open on a Friday at 5pm)who's pleasant sounding receptionist quickly turned panicky and put me on hold for 3 or 4 minutes.John finally called back and was freaking out telling me to stay calm, what do I want him to do and call him right back when I was done talking to the doctor.The dr. ended up calling me back on his cell and actually gave me his number and told me to call if I saw more blood,pinky-grey clots or had pain.I was told to lay around with my feet up until my appt. on Monday.I called john back and relayed this info to him.i ended telling him to stay at work,I'd come get him at the usual time and today I sent him to work with the car and told him if i had any symptoms I'd call him to come home.I literally just got out of bed.I feel so guilty laying around all day, but the girls have been angels and I'm doing it for their little brother or sister, not cause I need a break(which I do).
I think it's fabulous how they seem to know when Mommy needs to rest and are just perfect,when Mommy's sick but can function-they keep me from shutting down to say the least, and when Mommy's sick and shouldn't be alone-Daddy stays home, but they give me my space.Like today, I seem perfectly normal except i told Sierra that Mommy's baby-tummy Dr. told her to rest ALOT and stay in bed.So she kept busy playing in my room or watching Disney in the LR, she closed all the doors except mine to keep Brianna out of trouble and when Brianna toddled off, she immediately went with her and carried her back to me.Brianna slept for 3 hours for her nap and Sierra and i cuddled up to read, have lunch and watch Blue's Clues,Veggie Tales and Pinky Dinky Doo.
Unfortunately i was supposed to be taping something for my MIL and although john auto tuned it for me so i wouldn't forget, don't you know i left the room a 1½ hour before it came on and forgot about it it till an hour after it came on?Oh well, whatever.It was all about Disney World, and she'll be living down there within a month or 2 so I'm sure her world won't fall apart..I'll probably hear about it.{SIGH}

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