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Wednesday April 5, 2006

I am so tired,it's not even funny.i have discovered in the few days that my sweet little cherub Brianna is a howling,demanding temper filled night monster!We always knew she could scream-since the day she was born her cry has been likened to that of a cat being strangled or swung in circles over your head by it's throat.
Well, it's gotten worse and louder.It never stops.She goes from 0 to 60 literally faster than u can bat an eye.She'll be asleep either in your arms or in her crib and then BAM!she goes off like a rocket!It's horrific.Day melts into night and even though the 2 become 1 blurry surreal experience, there seems to be no end in sight.I get to bed around 1 or 3 am(I dunno) and either spend 4am-5am by her crib patting her, or when John finally cracks(who by the way went to bed 3 hours before me)he defies my request to leave her in the crib at all costs so as to break her of the night feedings(which I've been told repeatedly she does not need).I wearily wake to find her contently and triumphantly nursing on me in my bed.
It's kinda funny though-and no I'm not about to crack.When Sierra was born,I hated having her away from me.It was John that "put his foot down" and said no to her sleep sharing.PS, my foot was put down right on top of his and she slept with us in bed til she was 9 or 10 months old, then we moved her crib in so she could still be nearby.When she was a year we moved her crib back to her room and when she was 15 months old she happily moved to her "Big Girl Princess Bed."
Now the roles are reversed.i can't sleep with Brianna in bed with us.She won't allow me to sleep on my tummy and every time I move a millimeter she freaks out and roots to nurse.And he snores away blissfully unaware.
Poor Sierra.She's begged us since Bri was brought home to share her room, and now that she is she can't sleep.NOTHING wakes up Sierra.Brianna did last night.I woke to find Brianna slurping happily at my side and caught a glimpse of John carrying Sierra back to bed.i heard her say,"Dad,I can't go back.Brianna's too loud!"

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